Latest Writings

The beat

It’s D-day. Deadline day. I’ve been working on a project for 6 months now, watching it take shape while I’ve been breathing life into the words on paper. As I’m typing this, I know I don’t have any time to spare if I want to make the deadline, but I’d rather take a few minutes to share the feelings that are moving around in me at the moment. … Read More The beat


Getting published

Those moments are always there without us noticing. Something is wrong, but we continue to push through and hope that a strong coffee will fix it tomorrow morning. Let’s just say I’ve had a year of very strong coffee. Of writing and wondering and doubting and wishing and aching. I’ve written a book that’s been… Read More Getting published


Helpful Writing Tools

Throughout this process, I have read so many blogs and listened to various podcasts on how publishing works for first-timers. They were incredibly helpful and served as guidelines in an unknown world. Some of the most basic questions I had when starting out, were however contained in various different publications.… Read More Helpful Writing Tools