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I have had an incredibly creative week, how about you? After years and years of not being able to find my creative spirit, something happened this past week, and I could not stop writing or thinking about writing. I started off by reading recently published short stories in The New Yorker, and bam! – my creative beast awoke (ha!). The last time I had read short stories, was probably a decade ago at university, and I found it very refreshing to slowly open my mind to them again. Truth is, short stories are beautiful bursts of craftsmanship. They pack a “pow” and they remind the reader of the magic of the English language. What I love most, is that there are very little rules in short stories (if you read my last blog, you’d see that I have a bit of an “issue” with rules when it comes to writing).

I have easily read about 50 short stories this week and wrote my very first short story (which I’ve submitted to the Writer’s Digest short story competition). I’ve tapped into inspiration from favorites such as James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, but I must say that the one short story that has stuck with me, has been J.M. Coetzee’s The Dog (which I read on The New Yorker). It was super short, but had such a beautiful, strong twist, that it has been haunting me for a number of days now.

I’d love to hear about your favorite short stories and how you stay inspired – leave a comment below or send me an email about your favorites!



31st July 2019 at 12:36 PM

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