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The beat

It’s D-day. Deadline day. I’ve been working on a project for 6 months now, watching it take shape while I’ve been breathing life into the words on paper. As I’m typing this, I know I don’t have any time to spare if I want to make the deadline, but I’d rather take a few minutes to share the feelings that are moving around in me at the moment. … Read More The beat

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The clinking in my glass reminds me  Of all that’s been The honey trickles down my throat Bringing memories of The feelings I’ve lost Buried in another lifetime Days I thought would be my last Or the moments I thought I’d never step out of the shower Curled up in a little ball Defeated by… Read More Remember



We were out for dinner with our friends last night, when we started talking about our birthdays and how we prefer to celebrate them. My husband then asked the trio of us to think about our next significant birthday, and what our ideal way would be to spend the day. My mind started to explore… Read More “Significance”


Getting published

Those moments are always there without us noticing. Something is wrong, but we continue to push through and hope that a strong coffee will fix it tomorrow morning. Let’s just say I’ve had a year of very strong coffee. Of writing and wondering and doubting and wishing and aching. I’ve written a book that’s been… Read More Getting published



The last time I had read short stories, was probably a decade ago at university, and I found it very refreshing to slowly open my mind to them again. Truth is, short stories are beautiful bursts of craftsmanship. They pack a “pow” and they remind the reader of the magic of the English language… Read More Rediscovering


Helpful Writing Tools

Throughout this process, I have read so many blogs and listened to various podcasts on how publishing works for first-timers. They were incredibly helpful and served as guidelines in an unknown world. Some of the most basic questions I had when starting out, were however contained in various different publications.… Read More Helpful Writing Tools


Query blues

Hi fellow writers, I started to send off my queries to literary agents about two weeks ago now. While it has been an incredibly exciting process, it’s also been quite depressing at times. A few days in, I received about five rejections and two proposal requests. It was here where I found myself standing between… Read More Query blues

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Current query-quest

Hi fellow writers, I have just started to submit my query letters to literary agents this week, and whoah has it been a learning curve. After months of researching the query process, I still find myself learning new things and banging my head against the table after noticing mistakes. I have read over and over… Read More Current query-quest

Latest Writings

About Karin

Karin Mitchell is a South African journalist-turned-writer. She used to cover hundreds of current events as they were developing. Often, she would be running between protests and dodging rubber bullets and flying bricks, trying to establish and understand concerns amongst South Africans. She also spent years in the courts, reporting on high profile and forgotten… Read More About Karin