The last time I had read short stories, was probably a decade ago at university, and I found it very refreshing to slowly open my mind to them again. Truth is, short stories are beautiful bursts of craftsmanship. They pack a “pow” and they remind the reader of the magic of the English language

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How journalism ruined my writing

Since stepping out of the journalism industry a year ago, I have had a lot of time to reflect and collect the remains of myself, left by the wayside. The greatest hurdle, oddly enough, has however been to force myself to write and read books. 

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Helpful Writing Tools

Throughout this process, I have read so many blogs and listened to various podcasts on how publishing works for first-timers. They were incredibly helpful and served as guidelines in an unknown world. Some of the most basic questions I had when starting out, were however contained in various different publications.

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Query blues

Hi fellow writers, I started to send off my queries to literary agents about two weeks ago now. While it has been an incredibly exciting process, it’s also been quite depressing at times. A few days in, I received about five rejections […]

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