The Rhino Crash

by Nick Newman with Karin Mitchel is available for pre-order

RELEASE DATE: 21 July 2020

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Catapulted into the grim world of rhino poaching, Nick Newman trades life in London for a humble, yet adventurous existence in South Africa. Tasked to monitor and protect critically endangered black rhinos, Nick soon cultivates an understanding of the different individual personalities and their temperamental behaviour by studying the animals in their natural environment.

Under constant threat of being poached for their horns, the rhinos become the pivot around which Nick and the Anti-Poaching Unit’s lives revolve. Nick shares raw moments of heartbreak and hope from the frontline, while taking the reader on an honest and humorous trip of his years spent in Africa. Dynamic characters who form part of his stories include his sidekick rhino-tracking dog, Wilma, and a black rhino named Elmore who becomes an integral part of his life. 

Towards the end of his time in South Africa, mounting pressure catches up with Nick and he soon finds himself in a care facility in Spain where he is forced to go on a journey of self-discovery to confront his mental health. It is also here where he learns to understand his affinity with the rhinos which he had come to love more than life itself.

Also by Karin Mitchell

South Africa’s High Treason Club

In the early 2000s, a few years after becoming a democracy, South Africa saw the rise of a white separatist militia known as the Boeremag. Convinced that their existence was under threat, they devised a coup and planted bombs across the country while evading the authorities. This book chronicles the longest running criminal trial in South African history, piecing together court transcripts and interviews through in-depth journalism to explore the dynamics and ideals at the source of the movement and the coup. A firsthand look is offered at the dark consequences of nationalism and populism.

Karin Mitchell covered the Boeremag trial from 2011 as an intern journalist, where she quickly found herself going to visit one of the Boeremag accused in prison. The trial initially saw 23 men accused, which contained layered versions of events over the course of a decade-long trial. This is the first narrative of the various intricacies of the Boeremag trial.

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